Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Estimation of Induction Motor Parameters Program

Parameter Estimation
In Transient Stability Analysis, if the influence of induction motors is

perceived to be crucial to the stability of the system or if the motor
acceleration or reacceleration profiles are to be analyzed in detail,
their dynamic model should be specified in the study. The motor
dynamic model is comprised of the following:

a) Motor Equivalent Circuit
b) Motor Load Torque Characteristics
c) Motor, Load, and Coupling Inertias

The above may be available from the motor manufacturer. More
often than not, rather than the motor equivalent circuit, the
manufacturer provides machine performance characteristic data
(i.e. Motor Speed Vs Torque, Current, and Power Factor curves).
However, even with this machine performance characteristic
data only, ETAP can be able to estimate a corresponding
equivalent circuit model of the motor using the PARAMETER

Sample of determining the above data from the Motor
Characteristic Curves

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