Monday, March 23, 2009

Basic DC Motor


1 Shunt Motor

A schematic diagram of a shunt field DC motor is shown in
Fig.3.30. The armature circuit and the shunt field circuit are
connected across a DC source of fixed voltage Vt. An external field
rheostat (Rfc) is used in the field circuit to control the speed of the
motor. The motor takes power from the DC source, and therefore
the current It flows into the machine from the positive terminal of
the DC source. As both field circuit and armature circuit are
connected to a DC source of fixed voltage, the connections for
separate and shunt excitation are the same. The behavior of the
field circuit is independent of the armature circuit.

2 Power Flow and Efficiency

3 Condition for Maximum Power

4 Torque

5 Series-wound DC motor

6 Armature Torque of a Motor

7 Shaft Torque

8 Speed of a DC Motor

9 Speed Regulation

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