Friday, March 20, 2009

Direction Of Induced EMF

There exists a definite relation between the direction of the
induced current, the direction of the flux and the direction of
motion of the conductor. The direction of the induced current may
be found easily by applying either Fleming's Right-hand Rule or
Lenz's Law. Fleming's rule is used where induced EMF is due to,
flux cutting (i.e. dynamically induced. EMF) and Lenz's when it is
due to change by flux linkages (i.e. statically induced Emf).

Fleming's Right-Hand Rule
“Hold out your right hand with forefinger, second finngure, and
thumb at right angles to one another. If the forefinger represents
the direction of the field, and the thumb represents the direction of
the motion then, the second finger represents the direction of the
induced emf in the coil”.

Fleming's Right-hand Rule can be explained as shown in Figure

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