Friday, March 5, 2010

Brushless motor winding

Brushless DC Motor modification

A picture is worth hundreds of words. Here is a wiring diagram for the star configuration that I have found from the net. you are better to do this with great circumspection or it would be easily end up with a burned ESC. The first photo shown above is one group of the windings on the stator. Two groups are wound in the second photo while all three groups are wound in the last photo. The starts of each three groups are soldered together and the three ends are the phase wires that connect to the brushless controller.

Brushless Motor Winding Diagrams

The 'standard' Star diagram for
9-tooth stators & 12 magnets

Brushless motor winding by Utah Fyers #1
Radio control electric brushless motor winding tutorial video

Brushless motor winding by Utah Fyers #2
Tutorial on brushless motor winding video presented by Utah Flyers. 

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